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Our Philosophy

Your Goals and Cash Flow Requirements Dictate Your Individualized Portfolio

Client Centered

While most clients with substantial wealth have similar needs – wealth preservation, consistent cash flow and transfer of wealth to the next generation – we customize strategies to give you an opportunity to take advantage of the complex and dynamic financial landscape.

When designing these strategies for you, we will first determine liquidity needs, then stress-test your portfolio in ways that help us determine your risk tolerance. Using this knowledge, we may recommend the use of diversified investments geared to reduce risk for the portion of your portfolio aimed at preserving wealth and maintaining your lifestyle.

Additionally, we could include low-correlated asset classes such as commodities, global fixed income and nontraditional investments. We may also seek market out-performance by balancing risk and return with domestic equities, developed international equities and high-yield bonds.

A portion of your portfolio can be earmarked for aspirational wealth. We take measured risk to potentially enhance your return, using vehicles such as private equity and other opportunistic investments. If appropriate, we can incorporate discretionary investment models to enhance your cash flow strategies meant to generate additional income.

Overriding Attention is Placed on Managing Risk and Evaluating Tax Strategies

Managing risk is one of the most important aspects of wealth management. Though many clients think of risk management in terms of loss avoidance, our team of specialists will take a wider view of risk, carefully incorporating tax-minimization into the strategies we recommend.

We put our considerable experience to work for you,<br/>managing risk while helping you meet your cash flow<br/>requirements and goals. Our more than 45 years of<br/>experience have exposed us to nearly every financial<br/>situation you may face. We bring that experience to bear for you, customizing strategies and executing them with institutional sophistication, scale and pricing.

As your Wealth Advisors, we guide you through every phase of our wealth management process to give you an understanding of how your personal tolerance for risk affects strategies and potential returns. We can help you
manage risk by looking at how the various aspects of your financial life work in concert. By establishing a risk allocation framework, we take all of your assets into consideration. With your permission, we may eliminate
overlapping investments and rebalance your portfolio while conducting ongoing performance monitoring. We will then construct an approach designed to balance expected investment return, risk, capital preservation, and legacy considerations.

In partnership with your tax professional, we examine the impact any potential investment decision may have on your taxes. The effect our recommendations may have on your current taxes is only part of the challenge. We also design tax-efficient wealth management strategies for future generations, while remaining compliant with tax regulations.